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Terms of Sales

Acceptance of these terms of sale

In the absence of special provisions and agreed in writing between the parties, all orders are automatically subject to these terms and conditions, which prevail over any other documents, such as brochures, newspapers, catalogs or e-mailing issued by the seller which have only an indicative value.

Offers / Prices / Orders

All our wines available offers are valid while stocks last, excluding promotions, special offers and gifts. Rates are expressed in Euros, all taxes included. Considering the rare or speculative nature of some products we reserve the right to apply restrictions on the quantities available, or to refuse or cancel an order with a clearly abnormal.

Our offers are exclusively for individual customers, and in any case for professional dealers. Orders are confirmed by sending the bill but are final upon receipt of full payment of the price of goods.Terms and conditions of paymentThe regulation of goods is entirely in order or by check payable to CAVE POUTEAU, either by credit card card type Visa, Eurocard Mastercard, or by transfer to our bank account the following references:

Bank: Cic Franconville
IBAN: FR7630066109200002019920144

No deadline deferral may be granted without prior express consent from us.A bill expressed in Euros will be issued by the CAVE POUTEAU and sent to the customer to the billing address. For orders above 500 Euros delivered at one time to an address in France, the delivery is made carriage. For orders less than 500 Euros will be asked a contribution to the costs of transport. The amount of transport costs varies by weight and destination.


Our deliveries are made within a maximum period of 30 days from the receipt of full payment of the final invoice. However, if 7 days after this period, except in cases of force majeure, the goods have not been delivered, the customer may terminate the contract by LR / AR, within a period of sixty days from the initial delivery date. The customer will get restitution payment to the exclusion of any other compensation or damages, no later than within 14 days. On error information provided by the customer, the CAVE POUTEAU can not be held responsible for failure to deliver the goods in due time and place.

Upon receipt of goods, it is your responsibility to check the condition of goods and do all necessary findings in case of breakage, damage or missing, clearly expressing your reservations on the delivery, and in the following 48 hours by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the carrier, a copy of the seller, in order to preserve its rights.

Payment delays

Any amount not paid on the due date results in the application of law and without notice to the payment of default interest equal to three times the legal rate of interest in effect. Assuming a recovery through litigation, a lump sum of 15% of the order amount is required without prejudice to default interest and damages.

Cancellation faculties

The customer has a period of 14 days from the receipt of his order to exercise his right of withdrawal. The customer will initially inform the commercial service in writing (email, fax, letter) of its decision before returning the merchandise in its original closed fund. Exceptionally, these provisions do not apply to orders for products subject to personalization or specific customer requirements when ordering (special formats, custom packaging, ...).

If out of stock products ordered, the CAVE POUTEAU can offer the customer to replace him with his consent or by another vintage or an equivalent wine. Once transmitted withdrawal, a new period of 14 days is given to the client to return unwanted products in their original packaging for exchange or refund of all monies paid, including shipping, to except the cost of return which remain the customer.

Professional reserves the right to defer settlement until recovery of property.Under the exception in paragraph 7 of Article 121-21-8 of the Consumer Code, (Supply of alcoholic beverages whose delivery is delayed beyond thirty days and the value agreed in the contract is concluded depends on market fluctuations outside the professional control).

The right of withdrawal is excluded in young wines sales contracts.title retention clauseBy express agreement, all of our goods remain our property wherever they are until the full payment of due bills. This does not prevent, upon delivery of the goods, transfer risk of property to the buyer.

Legal guarantees

We draw your attention to the fact that:

- The customer has a period of 2 years from the delivery of the property to act;

- In case of non-compliance, the CAVE POUTEAU replace, in accordance with Article L.211-9 of the Consumer Code, the product with the same or equivalent. Replacement will be made within a maximum period of one month from the receipt of the product returned by the customer, and after tasting by our sales teams trained and qualified in oenology confirming the alleged default;

- The customer is offered to prove the existence of the lack of conformity of the property during the 24 months following delivery of the goods;

- The legal guarantee of conformity is applicable irrespective of the commercial guarantee eventually granted to the client;

- For defects or hidden defects of the product, the customer can decide to implement the guarantee of Article 1641 of the Civil Code and in this case, he can choose between the cancellation of the sale or reduction of the selling price pursuant to Article 1644 of the civil code.

Contract Resolution

In case of default by the client or retirement of goods at the agreed date and month after an unsuccessful formal demand, the sale will be canceled automatically if the seller so, with refund of advance payments by purchaser, and possibility for the seller to ask for interim relief the return of the goods already delivered as appropriate, without prejudice to other damages.

Amicable settlement of disputes

In case of difficulties in the application of these terms and conditions, we invite you to seek an amicable solution by contacting previously with our Customer Service. If the response of the Customer does not satisfy you, you can use the mediation service for consumer disputes by contacting a mediator, referring to the site mediation-cons.

Protection of Minors

In accordance with Article L. 3342-1 of the Public Health, the buyer agrees to be 18 years old on the date of the order.

Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. Please drink in moderation.


The photos and illustrations used on the site are non-contractual.

File Protection

Under the provisions of Law No. 98-536 of 1 July 1998 transposing Directive 96/9 / EC of 11 March 1996 on the legal protection of databases, POUTEAU The CAVE is a producer and owner of all or part of the databases comprising this site. All data contained on this website (texts, images, graphics, logos, icons) is protected by copyright.

Use of personal information

The information collected on the Site may be subject interfaces to external communication unless the client refuses. The communication of this information will also be made to meet legal and regulatory obligations. Pursuant to Article 27 of Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 "Data Protection" you have a right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning you.

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